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Achieve clean and healthy air with HygroMatik HPS and LPS systems

With approximately 14,000 new cases of breathing and lung problems each year caused or made worse by work, according to the Labour Force Survey[1], 25.9 million days were recently lost due to work-related illness, affecting the UK economy. A clean indoor air is crucial to avoid aggravating existing respiratory problems or causing new ones.

One effective way to achieve a clean air and reduce health issues is through humidity control. Increasingly this is becoming an essential element in the preservation of a healthy environment in spaces that require a very high degree of hygiene. Offices, clean rooms and public areas are examples of sensitive locations that should be a major concern for building and facilities managers.

HygroMatik LPS and HPS adiabatic systems
HygroMatik’s HPS and LPS adiabatic high and low pressure nozzle systems for air conditioning and ventilation units were designed to provide the highest level of hygiene. Using HPS or LPS systems in conjunction with reverse osmosis will deliver demineralised water, ensuring that only the cleanest air is delivered. These combined systems offer hygienic optimum humidification and a close control with an accuracy of +\-1% RH.

Further to protecting the health and wellbeing of occupants, the systems will also have a significant impact on the energy consumption. Adiabatic systems take heat energy from the surrounding air to create the humidifying mist. The atomisation therefore has a cooling (adiabatic) effect on the room temperature reducing the energy requirement. Both HPS and
LPS offer an economical free cooling effect of up to 33%, which reduces the cooling load from existing systems, providing further savings.

The HPS is a high pressure nozzle offering up to 95% efficiency with a total humidification capacity of 46-520 l. The low pressure option offers up to 80% efficiency with a total humidification capacity of 46-130 l. The LPS’ water-lubricated pump guarantees approximately 25,000 hours of operation without maintenance which is approximately five years of running time.

HygroMatik is one of the largest manufacturers of air humidifiers and air humidification systems, offering a full range of long-lasting and easily maintained products. HygroMatik’s HVAC products are now available as BIM objects which can be downloaded directly from its website.

Further information on HygroMatik’s full range of steam generating products can be found on its website http://www.hygromatik.com by calling 02380 443127 or emailing info@hygromatik.co.uk.

[1] Source: Health and Safety Executive – Work-related and Occupational Asthma


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