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Furniture retailer floored by heat keeps cool and reduces costs, without traditional air conditioning 

With temperatures set to soar once again this summer, one furniture and carpet retailer from Norfolk will not be counting the costs of keeping cool. John Doe installed an evaporative cooling system which maintains an optimum in-store climate for its customers, staff and stock, even when faced with sweltering heat.

Last summer when the mezzanine floor of the Diss-based business reached over 40°C, John Doe required an immediate cooling solution to reduce the temperature.

Senior personnel worried about the impact on staff and customers within the store, as well as the fine furnishings housed in its on-site warehouse, but a quote for air conditioning was very expensive.

With limited space in the warehouse, there was also the issue of a traditional air conditioning system taking up too much valuable space.

Overcoming these concerns, five Breezair TBSI580 Evaporative Coolers were installed by Cool Technology, ensuring the inside temperature decreased to a more comfortable 20°C – without impacting on the available space.

Mr Collen Baker, Managing Director of Cool Technology said: “With the new TBSI580 units, we were able to match the supply load to the extract air, just on the standard controls, which now come with this function fully integrated into it.” 

Edward Doe, managing director of John Doe believes the installation of the evaporative cooling system has provided a long-term answer to the company’s problems. He said: “The conditions we faced last year were posing a threat to the business and we needed a solution very quickly to ensure our customers and staff would be comfortable. 

“A traditional air conditioning system was not such a viable option as capital and running costs would be extremely prohibitive, which most warehouses or industrial plants find. The Breezair TBSI580 Evaporative Coolers however, offered a cost effective, safe solution. Now we feel reassured that we are fully prepared for future high temperatures and can manage conditions both in-store and in our warehouse.” 

Mr Sam Peli, General Manager Sales Europe, Africa and Middle East of Seeley International, the manufacturer of Breezair, added: “Evaporative cooling is fast becoming the most efficient option when cooling large areas and John Doe is just one example of numerous UK companies that have put their trust in Breezair for evaporative cooling, from printing, manufacturing and food facilities, automotive assembly lines and showrooms, to ceramic companies and warehouses. Many organisations all over the world have chosen Breezair to cool their industrial or commercial space: we have installed 136 coolers in Seville to climatise Decathlon’s warehouse, making this the single largest installation in Europe.

“There are still many premises however, that have no cooling system installed, and this impacts on the workers’ morale, productivity, and health. In cases where businesses have traditional cooling systems fitted, they rely on recirculating the air in the indoor space, and that stale air can contain fumes and germs. Crucially, premises such as warehouses or big storage rooms, especially when dealing with food and pharmaceutical products, have specific temperature requirements.”

In these environments, Direct Evaporative Cooling offers an alternative solution which doesn’t use chemical refrigerants to cool the air. A water pump supplies water to the wetted media where evaporation occurs and electrical power for the fan that then pushes the air inside the building.

Breezair TBSI 580 is the latest breakthrough in technology developed by Seeley International, the world first high performance inverter axial evaporative cooler, based on the INVERTAIR axial technology, which allows lower energy consumption when used at lower speeds. This reduces running costs and allows higher cooling performance.

Mr Peli added: “Often commercial or industrial buildings have small spaces that are hot and uncomfortable to work in. These hot spots can be caused by heat from machines, manufacturing processes, or trapped hot air behind large glass windows. Frequently these spaces are not just hotter than the surrounding interior areas of the building, but hotter than the external conditions too. A better, more intelligent solution, is to use Breezair Evaporative Air Cooling to blanket the hot spot with a flow of cool, high velocity, fresh air, designed to impact your workers whenever they are in that hot location: this is called ‘Spot Cooling’.”

With over 40 years of experience in evaporative cooling products, Seeley International is committed to innovation and excellence. To support innovation at Seeley International, the company has an “Imagineering” group which includes many of the 50 engineers employed by the company. They meet regularly to discuss revolutionary, “over-the- horizon” product innovations, which have received many industry accolades.

For more information visit www.breezair.com/uk, email uksales@seeleyinternational.com or call 0115 963 5630.


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