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ICEE offers golf world a new source of high quality tee markers

Any new or existing golf club faced with installing or replacing its golf tee markers may want a bespoke solution, but compared to an off-the-shelf product, may think a customised option is too expensive. ICEE Managed Services is offering bespoke markers that are affordable.

As part of its manufacturing services business, ICEE is making low-cost but high quality golf tee markers – and other kinds of signage – out of a variety of weatherproof and durable sheet metal material incorporating bespoke details such as golf club logo, yardage and other information required by a customer.

Additionally, ICEE offers a more sophisticated version of this service, making superior markers and signage to any design, to any shape and size, and made from almost any material, or combination of materials required. This high level of customisation – at a highly competitive price – is made possible through advanced design and manufacturing techniques deployed at the company’s factory in the United Kingdom.

The company will quickly make – and design if required – a complete set of golf tee markers from a variety of materials on offer including stainless steel, brass, Corten rust-enhanced steel, plastics or even stone such as granite (up to 200mm thick). Almost any size and shape is possible in a variety of finishes.

Besides fabricating a tee marker in one material, ICEE offers an assembly service so a set of markers or signage may be put together from a combination of different materials. “For example,” says Paul Harris, ICEE’s Managing Director, “take a design that features a stainless steel frame incorporating a logo with an inset engraved plastic, wood or stone panel showing the tee number and name, plus supporting details. 

“We can make all the components and put them together very efficiently under one roof at our factory in Hampshire. The factory contains highly automated manufacturing facilities and we have designers and engineers with all the right qualified expertise.

“What’s more, and this may be an important and cost saving feature for golf club managers, we can make exact replacements later if a marker gets damaged or goes missing – that level of service may not be available with standard, off-the-shelf products,” he adds.

In addition to offering this distinctly bespoke, flexible and affordable service – including a see-before-you-buy sample – ICEE claims it can make right-first-time, high quality golf tee markers faster than any other competitor in the United Kingdom.

For more information visit www.icee.co.uk, email sales@icee.co.uk or call 02392 230 604.


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