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Moving premises the second most stressful work task

Manufacturers have lost an average of eight working days each as a result of moving premises in the last five years, a survey by E.ON has found. Owners and managers of manufacturing and heavy industry businesses say that moving premises is the second most stressful task they have to deal with (31 per cent), second only to hiring new staff (33 per cent) and more so than handling finances (29 per cent), covering staff absences (14 per cent) and dealing with customer complaints (12 per cent).

The poll, which covered 600 small businesses, also revealed that moving premises costs the average SME an estimated £40,000 over five years, accounting for around 2.5 per cent of their annual turnover. These costs account for the actual amount spent on moving and upgrading new premises as well as the losses caused by the disruption to business.

  • The potential hassles involved have forced more than three quarters of business owners and managers to delay moving (78 per cent), meaning they stay in often ’cramped, dilapidated, expensive or inefficient buildings’.
  • Over a quarter worried about the costs and time involved with a move (28 per cent), with a similar number saying they didn’t know where to start (27 per cent).
  • More than a fifth say they have put off moving because they couldn’t face dealing with transferring service providers (20 per cent).

Anthony Ainsworth, Business Energy Director at E.ON, said:

“To hear that more than three quarters of SMEs are staying in potentially inappropriate premises because moving is considered just too hard is surprising. The disruptions businesses face are a very real barrier to relocation and possible future growth.”

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