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Okappy job management

A Case Study with RPS Drainage Services Ltd and how they have benefited from using Okappy’s networked job management software.

RPS Drainage Services Ltd is a Drainage maintenance company with a proven track record in both planned preventative drainage maintenance and reactive emergency call outs. They provide a 24 hour 365 days per year service to clients including Arcus Solutions, CBRE, The Royal Household, The Crown Estate, Spie, Nuffield Health and Team Q.

As the company expanded one of the directors, Phil Turner saw an opportunity to differentiate from the competition, provide even better customer service and really lead the market. In order to do this he wanted to streamline their processes, get rid of paperwork and ensure all his information was easily accessible and updated in real time.

“We wanted to centralise all the job sheets and keep everything in one place. There was always a time delay for the engineers to bring job sheets back to the office, especially when they worked overnight. This always meant we were not able to provide relevant crucial updates and invoice work completed immediately.” says Clare, Accounts at RPS.

Why did RPS Drainage choose Okappy?
RPS looked at a number of different systems but the majority appeared to be overly complex requiring multiple screens in order to complete the simplest of tasks. Okappy stood out as it appeared user friendly. All the relevant important information was accessible easily and the Okappy staff were always available to assist if required.

How are RPS using Okappy to streamline their business and reduce costs?
A job typically comes in by phone or email. It is immediately logged onto the system by the office staff. Each member of the team can see at a glance what jobs are booked in, customer details, job description, who allocated the job and to whom. At that point, the job can be assigned to the relevant engineer who sees the job pop-up on their phone or tablet.

“With a real-time update of the job’s status, we can see very easily if the engineer has viewed their job, when they are onsite and when they finish the job without having to ring them up to find out what’s going on” says Phil, Director of RPS. “We get information back straight away which means we know what work was done and can see whether an image, video and or signature has been taken. We are also able to email completed job sheets and info to all parties on completion of any works.”

Once the invoice has been raised and paid, it is then exported to Sage Accounts without having to duplicate information between the two systems.

“Okappy is very simple to use. When a customer rings up for information, we can quickly search or run a report from Okappy without having to go into different folders or mailboxes to look for that piece of information, which means we can get back to our customers’ queries straight away.” says Becky, Accounts at RPS.

How has this benefited RPS?
The turnaround time from accepting a job to invoicing it is now a lot quicker. Before, raising an invoice could take weeks, but now RPS are raising invoices minutes after the job has been completed. The job details complete with signature are instantly available enabling any invoice queries to be instantly answered by anyone with system access. Additionally, the levels of access can be set as required. It saves RPS valuable time – enabling them to focus on other things such as bringing in more business or thinking about their long term strategy.

For more information visit www.okappy.com or call 0207 099 56 98.


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