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Safety from the factory floor to the shop floor

How Retail Giants Benefit from McCue’s Comprehensive Range of Protection Products

When your network stretches across production, storage, distribution and retail, taking care of safety is a huge and essential part of the day-to-day running of the business.

So for the giants of retail, choosing a company that can cover all those sectors at once means a lot less time sourcing and a whole lot more time dedicated to safety.

McCue has been working with the giants of UK retail for decades, building safety into sensitive food production facilities, fortifying the racking in storage depots, putting barrier protection into logistics operations and contributing to the organisation and overall aesthetic of customer facing operations in car parks and on the hardware inside stores.

McCue’s armoury of products has developed and refined over the years: the humble bollard has been reinvented as the Architectural Bollard, a good looking attribute to aesthetic environments.

Column Guards are now ultra-low maintenance and fit a variety of column sizes without adaptors.

Electrical charge stations now have their own dedicated protection products.

An array of cart corrals and in-store bumpers ensure the customer experience is kept clean, organised and attractive, from the car park to in-store – after all, a good first impression can make for a long- standing customer.

Perhaps even more importantly, when McCue’s hard-wearing, incredibly durable barriers need replacing or upgrading, McCue will come and remove and recycle the old ones, therefore contributing to the retail giants’ important green objectives.

Safety is embedded into the culture and fabric of McCue and the company is dedicated to working with clients for the best solutions to complex safety and protection issues.

And while not every company will have the vast network of factories, warehouses and outlets that the retail giants might have, every company will still have safety concerns that need addressing.

That’s where McCue comes in… with world class products and a world of knowledge and experience. Whatever size your network, McCue has the solution to make it safe, efficient and productive.

Contact McCue on 01908 365511, or view their range of safety solutions at www.mccue.com/uk.


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