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Samsung’s energy saving laundry

Samsung mifm may 13Latest professional laundry range is big on savings and big on capacity – though the list price is 60% less than competitors’

Laundry is a big user of energy – both the washer and the dryer. Samsung’s new professional range offers significant energy savings in washing and drying.

Tumble drying is a notorious energy-eater. Samsung has tackled the issue through features such as axial airflow, which directs air through the load from the back to the front. This is the most efficient way to dry, reducing energy use by around 25% compared to radial airflow systems. Meanwhile the RMC (residual moisture control) feature minimises drying time by turning off power as soon as the operator’s desired level of dryness is reached.

The big energy-saving feature in Samsung’s washer is the ecobubble system. This generates bubbles before the wash cycle begins, by dissolving detergent in air and water. The detergent then penetrates fabric more quickly, evenly and deeply, which means operators can wash at lower temperatures and still achieve perfectly clean results. In tests, the machines achieved at 15°C what conventional laundry equipment achieves at 40°C. This reduces energy consumption by 70% which significantly cuts costs.

The washer also uses Samsung’s brushless digital inverter motor. This technology not only reduces wear and tear and operator noise, but also achieves 50% more energy savings than non-inverter motors.

The WF431 washer has a big, 110 litre drum, while the DV431 tumble dryer has a capacity of 240 litre. Despite their size and features, the Samsung units have list prices up to 60% less than similarly sized competitors’ machines.

The range is available in the United Kingdom through principal distributors Francis & Co and Uropa Distribution, via a national network of dealers and laundry equipment specialists. Samsung is one of the world’s largest brands. Samsung Professional Appliances distributes throughout Europe. All products are backed by a full parts & labour warranty.

For more information visit www.franciscopro.com or www.uropa-distribution.co.uk  or telephone 01263 761000




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