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Skanska pilots new FM data technology

Skanska has trialled new technology which looks to provide building managers with timely and accurate information about how a building is used, together with a range of environmental information.

Developed by Spaceti, the technology brings together location-based sensors, a mobile app and web dashboard. The trial carried out at Skanska’s UK head office was designed to assess how the data the system produces can be used to improve facilities management services in real time.

The system links to the internet of things, where different devices connect and communicate over the web. Sensors capture how a space is occupied and where people are, as well as information such as temperature and humidity. The data can also be integrated directly into computer-aided facilities management systems (CAFM), in real time.

Dr Ruhul Amin, Innovation Manager at Skanska commented: “The system has a range of potential benefits. These include fault reporting, as the mobile app allows people to report problems and attach pictures, together with their exact location. In an emergency, it could automatically help to guide people out of buildings to evacuation points. It can also help the management of lone workers, through remote monitoring, to ensure their health and wellbeing, and people can use the app to signal for aid.”

Operations Director at Skanska, Jane Cooper added: “Data and smart devices are at the heart of the future of facilities management. They are the key to delivering a cost-effective and high-quality service for our customers. We believe that an innovative approach to asset management, using new technology linked to the internet of things, will pay big dividends.”

Skanska now plans to use the system at other sites where it carries out FM services.

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