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Survey highlights school recycling failings

A new survey has shown that one in three people in the UK believe that schools should prioritise teaching youngsters about the importance of recycling.

Conducted by Direct365 the research highlighted the point that more needs to be done to inform the next generation about eco-friendliness and how to minimise wastage.

The survey also showed that almost 30 per cent of people think schools need to do more to teach children how to prevent food waste and a quarter believed lessons in energy usage should form part of the National Curriculum.

The government has set ambitious climate change targets, with the UK expected to slash its carbon emissions by 80 per cent by 2050 (set against base levels from 1990). Everybody has a part to play in achieving this, and while it appears the country is on track to deliver, there’s still a general feeling that greater education on the benefits of recycling and eco-friendliness is needed.

Sam Tinsley, General Manager at Direct365, commented:

“Our findings show that people still feel there’s an urgent need to teach the next generation about recycling. On the whole, people’s attitude towards recycling and minimising waste have improved dramatically over the years – a point emphasised by an earlier Direct365 study, which showed that as many as 94 per cent of UK homes participate in some form of recycling.

Direct365 have recently launched their Green365 campaign, which looks to help businesses and employees across all industries reduce their impact on the envionment.


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