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Turtlegate Barriers: Situations and Solutions

Turtlegate Barriers are becoming one of the UK’s go-to solutions for fast, flexible barrier control in a range of situations. The Turtlegate system’s key feature is its retractable design, with a single barrier expanding up to 2.04m, offering a versatile and dependable barrier system which provides safety and security, crowd control and pedestrian flow solutions.

Design details
Turtlegate barriers are available in 2 height options:

  • 1.3 m – with overall weight of 26.3 kg per barrier.
  • 1.8 m – with overall weight of 34.9 kg per barrier.

Single barriers are 0.62m wide, with a closed length of 0.44m and an open length of 2.04m (maximum extension). The compact size of unextended barriers means that Turtlegate Barriers offer the advantage of being convenient to store when space is limited.

Each barrier has 6 rubber wheels and wheel locks providing convenient barrier movement and deployment options. The rubber wheels make the barriers suitable for use both indoors and outside.

Situations and Solutions
UK costs are rising, but no one can afford to compromise on public safety and security. So when it comes to choosing a barrier system, it can pay to invest in (or hire) a system which offers versatility and cost-effectiveness.

The Turtlegate barrier system delivers convenience when it comes to installing, redeploying or storing the system, and offers plenty of solutions across a range of situations, to meet most needs:

Need an extended barrier run to remain in situ for longer term, but with need occasional access?
Longer barrier runs are achieved by extending multiple Turtlegate Barriers and linking these together with a sectional lock and alligator locking design.

Need quick installation and removal?
The easy-wheel manoeuvrability, quick locking systems for wheels and linking multiple barriers means that Turtlegates can be quickly deployed and removed by a single member of staff in just minutes, as required.

As such, the system is becoming increasingly popular as a speedy barrier solution for cleaning, emergency repair, pedestrian flow, and security and safety in large public areas like shopping centres, railway platforms, underground stations and sporting stadiums.

The rapid deployment and easy removal offered by the system means it also offers multiple solutions in warehouses, when areas need to be cordoned for forklifts and machinery to operate safely away from the public.

Need to install barriers in hard to access locations?
Their relatively compact size when unextended, and multiple wheels make single barriers easy to manoeuvre to awkward locations, such as remote tracksides, stations and rural premises.

Once at the location, the expandable nature of each barrier allows awkward gaps and spaces to be easily secured by ‘extending-to-fit‘ for situations such as access point security, safety and screening.

Need maximum convenience for staff?
As well as being convenient to handle and move, Turtlegate barriers offer straightforward functionality and require minimal training for staff in handling, movement and installation.

Need maximum effectiveness for public?
The durable construction, extendable design and range of high-visibility colours (including custom colours) make Turtlegate barriers suitable for situations where pedestrian traffic is likely to be significant, such as barricading areas for repairs and emergency cleaning in places with high public use, such as supermarkets, stations and shopping centres.

Both sizes of barrier are extremely difficult to pass through, with the 1.8 m tall barriers being additionally difficult to climb over. This physical element makes Turtlegate barriers much more effective in access control than tape, bollard or cone barricades, particularly in those areas where children might be at risk of just running through cordons.

The retractable design means that Turtlegate barriers have particular applications for elevator and escalator repair and safety situations. The expandable nature of the barriers allows a single or arrangement of multiple barriers to fit without gaps across the entirety of access points, to maximise public safety whilst repairs are carried out.

The convenient removal and redeployment afforded by these barriers also means that they are easy to move as work progresses.

Need barrier control but also visibility?
The retractable design of the barriers also affords a level of visibility as needed, even from the 1.8 m height barriers. For example, ensuring pedestrian control at turnstiles, for events or high-footfall locations such as stations, airports and entertainment venues, whilst also facilitating surveillance or monitoring for safety and security. Turtlegate barriers offer an effective solution for both barrier control and for allowing vigilance.

Similarly, Turtlegate barriers offer plenty of options for barrier control with visibility from a distance for the public, such as in outdoor events, places of interest such as zoos, safari and theme parks, parades and stadium events, or indoors at museums and exhibition centres.

The standard and custom colour options also mean that the barriers can provide a colourful and smart alternative to taped or roped-off cordons.

Need to control space in a mixed use area?
Turtlegate barriers are growing in popularity in situations where delineation and control are needed in mixed use areas. This includes situations such as:

  • Construction site offices and car parks, where it’s necessary to provide barrier control for vehicle and pedestrian safety.
  • Driveways and roadblocks, where vehicular access specifically needs to be controlled.
  • Areas where other types of transport / public combine, such as bus and coach stations, rail and underground stations and airports.

Need to use across both indoor and outdoor areas?
The design of Turtlegate barriers means they are versatile for both indoor and outdoor use. A good example of how this works in practice is in situations such as leisure centres:

  • The rubber wheels mean barriers leave minimal marking and damage to special floor areas such as sports flooring for indoor courts, tiled areas for swimming pools and outdoor locations such as pitches and greens.
  • The design allows areas to be restricted for safety, security and designation purposes, but can allow visibility as required, such as for competitions and events.
  • The robust aluminium alloy construction of the barriers offers effective weather resistance when deployed outdoors.

Likely to need only intermittently, and have limited storage space?
The dimensions of closed Turtlegates mean they can be easily stored when not in use. For additional convenience and cost-effectiveness, it’s also possible to hire rather than purchase any number of barriers from SafeSite Facilities, so you can see if this versatile and highly effective system offers the solution you’re looking for – whatever the situation.

For more information visit www.safesitefacilities.co.uk or call 0330 096 9477.


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