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5 Ways Convert Water Have Grown Their Business by 40%

Convert Water Ltd was established in early 2015. They offer an all-round service to their customers, providing all elements of treatment and pumping of wastewater and sewage. The company is young, ambitious and open to new ways of working. Anthony Peters, Founder and Director of Convert Water was keen to look at how they worked, particularly in relation to the jobs they received from other members of the Okappy network, such as DMS Ashbourne.

Convert Water started using the Okappy network to manage their jobs just over a year ago. Already they’ve been able to streamline their processes and free up capacity to the point where they’ve experienced a 40% growth in revenue compared with the previous year! A year on we caught up with them to see how using the network has affected their business on a more holistic level.

How Have Convert Water Grown?

1. Collaboration With Subcontractors Has Been Improved and Streamlined
Convert Water has been using Okappy to manage their day-to-day work. Okappy is not just a job management solution – it’s a Market Network; part social network, part marketplace and part SaaS (software as a service) tool. Okappy allows companies to seamlessly connect with their contractors and subcontractors, and has many great benefits. First and foremost, eradicating the duplication of information between each companies’ individual job management systems.

DMS Ashbourne are one of Convert Water’s subcontractors also using the Okappy market network. Convert Water are able to send and receive jobs to DMS in real time, without having to copy over any information. Both companies have improved the way they collaborate with other industry stakeholders; further establishing their team work ethic. They have been able to invite their other subcontractors and customers onto the network – allowing for real time updates to be relayed to clients more quickly and accurately.

Thanks to this networked approach, the efficiency of their whole job management process has radically improved.

2. Invoices Can be Sent Out Much Quicker
With Okappy, Convert Water have been able to automate their invoicing system and streamline their job management. Instead of having to wait weeks for invoices to be processed, they can be sent instantly in real-time upon completion of a job. This ultimately means that Convert Water and their subcontractors get paid quicker and with less disputes. It also reduces administration, it is easier to keep track of payments and there is less chasing for payment.

3. More Hours in The Week
Convert Water have saved a huge amount of time using Okappy compared with their previous process. They used to spend over a day each week sorting out job sheets, whereas now that time is free to focus on growing the business. As information is available anywhere, this allows Anthony, the director to get out of the office and spend time on site, checking quality, meeting customers and ultimately bringing in more business.

4. More Time Spent on Marketing 
With more time, Convert Water have been able to up the ante on their marketing efforts. They now spend 20% more time promoting their business. This has included being able to design and run a number of Ad campaigns which have led to them taking on new customers.

5. Able to Invest in New Equipment
With the improvements in cash-flow brought about by the automation of their invoicing, Convert Water have been able to invest spare cash into new equipment for the company. They have been able to buy a number of new vans; allowing them to take on more business.

“It frees up our time and allows me to spend more of it visiting sites and bringing in more work. This wouldn’t have been possible without Okappy.” says Anthony. “To sum up, Okappy provides me with the tools to grow and develop my business!”

For more information visit www.okappy.com, email info@okappy.com or call 020 7099 5698.


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