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VPS issues cold weather guide for vacant property

vps-cold-weather-plan-2015-front-pageVacant property specialists, VPS has issued its Cold Weather Plan 2015 and provided an at-a-glance-checklist to help owners of empty premises to cut the cost of damages that can be incurred as a result of wintry weather.

In 2014 over 260,000 claims were made for damage caused from burst water pipes – the equivalent of a claim made every two minutes of every hour throughout the year.

With a noticeable drop in temperatures across the UK, VPS is urging vacant property owners to take preventative action now with the average insurance claim for water damaged properties being an estimated £25,000. These costs however, can reach up to £100,000 or more.

Anthony Owen, VPS’ managing director commented:

“We issue our winter weather guides in the autumn, but when the weather is mild, many landlords turn a blind eye to preparing their properties for ice and snow. It takes a cold snap like we have now to bring more urgency to the issue. All properties are at risk from wet or freezing weather or a heavy snow fall, but empty properties are particularly vulnerable, as damage can go unnoticed for days or weeks. Leaks from even a small burst pipe can release thousands of gallons of water if left unattended.

“Take action now. Prevention really is better than cure, and far more cost effective. Follow the tips in the free VPS guide, and ensure your empty properties are checked and maintained.”

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