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Traka publishes healthcare white paper

A white paper discussing how key management can improve security and health and safety processes within the healthcare industry, has been published by key and asset management manufacturer, Traka.

The paper, authored by Tom Smith, solutions specialist in healthcare for Traka, recognises the security and health and safety challenges the industry faces. In particular, the report highlights how the infrastructure, age and specification of the NHS Estate can make it difficult to provide flexible, but secure and safe access to sensitive areas of a facility, as well as providing access to equipment, vehicles and even medication.

In Scotland, 29 percent of NHS properties are between 30 and 50 years old, and 26 percent are over 50 years old. This makes securing a health facility time consuming and reliant on multiple manual procedures. Key and asset management solutions are able to meet many of those challenges presented by the age and infrastructure, as it is able to automate processes that are seen as the ‘weak link’ in the security chain.

Commenting on the paper Smith said:

“We’ve created this whitepaper in response to years of experience dealing with NHS Trusts and helping them overcome the challenges of keeping a healthcare estates safe and secure by managing their sensitive keys and assets.

“By implementing the right technology, hospitals of all shapes, sizes and specialisms can improve its security and health and safety procedures in a cost and time effective way.

“In the last 12 months in particular we have seen a rise in interest regarding drugs management. Within the whitepaper we outline how key management can improve medication dispensing dramatically, reducing administration time for staff, improving safety for patients and saving money for the NHS.”

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