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Office temperature debate heats up

Only 18 per cent of employees are satisfied with office temperature. 

This is according to industry experts Leesman whos’ research reveals that only 2 in every 5 employees are satisfied with the temperature of their workspace at the best of times; let alone during the hottest week of the year!

With temperatures soaring to over 30 degrees, the global think tank’s data suggests that at least 26,636 workers in the UK will be negatively affected by temperature fluctuations.

The Leesman survey tool has 90 lines of enquiry and temperature is one of the lowest scoring in satisfaction. Considering that 78 per cent of the population selects temperature as being an important part of an effective workspace, it seems organisations are failing to maintain comfortable temperatures for their staff.

The worst performing sectors include facilities management; despite 90 per cent saying temperature control is important to them, 359 out of 714 (50 per cent) report the lowest levels of satisfaction.

Leesman is encouraging employers to consider the negative impact of this vital workplace feature – not just during sporadic heat waves but throughout the year.

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