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A big man needs a big loo seat!

Gordon-EllisWhen a national treasure like Bill Maynard had problems in the bathroom, Gordon Ellis & Co came up with the solution.

At 84, Bill is big guy and uses a wheelchair. Both at home and at his favourite poker casinos he kept breaking the loo seat. A number of top quality loo seats were tried to no avail until he tried the BIG JOHN toilet seat. Since then Bill has reported no further loo seat incidents. He has had a Big John toilet seat on his toilet for six months. “It hasn’t moved 1/16th of an inch. It doesn’t wobble like all the others. It is so comfortable and I feel really secure,” he said.

The Big John is an oversized seat which is 75% bigger than a regular seat but still fits, and looks, like a regular toilet seat. It has huge rubber bumpers under the seat which grip the porcelain and reduce the strain so that the hinges don’t break. And the extra seating area makes it so much more comfortable for all to use.

In his usual manner Bill said “They should be in all disabled toilets. The Big John seat is brilliant…and I don’t just mean white.”

The Big John toilet seat is available from most mobility stores or from www.bigjohntoiletseat.co.uk at £149.00

Tel:+44 1332 810504

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