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A Christmas gift from the Ladder Association

12 Top Tips for Ladder Safety Over the Festive Season

CHRISTMAS is one of the busiest times of year for ladder users – both at work and at home – which is why the Ladder Association is offering a free Ladder Safety Pack as part of its ongoing ‘Get a Grip on ladder safety’ campaign. The pack now includes the Association’s 12 Top Tips for Ladder Safety during the festive season.

“In the next few weeks Christmas decorations will be going up all over the country,” says Jason Carlton of the Ladder Association. “It’s essential that this work is planned and organised using a ladder which has been properly inspected and maintained prior to use.

“If ladders are used safely and sensibly, no one need have their festive fun ruined by a fall from height. We’re urging everyone  to use their ladders wisely and appropriately, especially in the home where they might only be used once or twice a year.”

The Ladder Association’s FREE Ladder Safety Pack offers help and advice for both the professional in the workplace and the occasional user at home, where work at height is governed by the Work at Height Regulations.

When using a leaning ladder the pack provides information – amongst other things – on positioning, stability, maintaining a firm handhold, and the dangers of overloading and overreaching.

Similar advice is given for stepladders, plus guidance on the need for a pre-use check to quickly establish whether the stepladder is safe for immediate use. For example, are the stiles in good condition as bent or split stiles could lead to collapse?

The pack also features an explanation of the Ladder Association’s STEP methodology: Site, Task, Equipment and People. It can be downloaded at www.ladderassociation.org.uk/get-a-grip

Running since September, ‘Get a Grip on ladder safety’ is the latest initiative from the Ladder Association with the message “If it’s right to use a ladder, use the right ladder and get trained to use it safely.” Thousands of Ladder Safety Packs have already been downloaded.

The Ladder Association is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing ladder users with the knowledge, information and skills they need to use ladders and stepladders safely and productively. It is a member of the Access Industry Forum (AIF) www.accessindustryforum.org.uk and a supporter of the No Falls Foundation charity www.nofallsfoundation.org


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