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ABEC de-bunks BMS myths with its new packages

ABEC-MIFM-APR2014ABEC has announced a new series of maintenance and energy services for organisations seeking to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of their building and energy controls.

The eight packages set out a logical route to securing an optimum level of services, according to the business and its buildings’ needs, and fit a variety of budgets. ABEC has broken down its building and energy services, with a view to de-bunking the myths surrounding building controls. Now a phased approach enables clients to construct a package of services from ABEC that is entirely tailored to their individual requirements and operational targets.

In creating a package suited to their needs, ABEC will work with its clients to establish whether remote or onsite support best fits their requirements. ABEC also considers whether a planned preventative maintenance schedule should be implemented, or whether the allocation of tasks should be based around the condition of a system. It also offers an introductory energy biased service, comprising a set of energy focused BEMS maintenance tasks, scheduled at appropriate intervals to prevent energy waste. Alarm monitoring can also be built into the package, based on an escalation only procedure, or a customised response mechanism.

Into this mix, ABEC offer energy monitoring and targeting, which can be increased to a proactive energy reduction partnership, using a continuous cycle of consultation, review and implementation of identified zero and low cost reduction strategies.

ABEC’s clear approach to energy and maintenance means that services can be packaged together, to suit the building – its age, its size, its use and the people who inhabit it daily. Because all packages are bespoke, tangible returns are guaranteed through savings. In turn such an approach addresses the natural energy decay experienced in all buildings, identifies energy reduction opportunities, and means the client will see reductions in the cost of both their energy spend and their overall building maintenance.

In dissolving the myths involved in optimising a contract, ABEC promises its clients that it will clearly set out the actions it plans to undertake on a regular basis. In this way the client can see what they are paying for up-front and understand exactly what their BEMS company should be doing for them and when.

Daniel Kittow, managing director of ABEC said:

“We believe that targeted and energy-based support and maintenance of building management systems offers building users far greater value than traditional maintenance packages and are the future for the BMS support industry. Many building services professionals, FMs, energy managers, and building owners pay over the odds for energy services, because the contracts and outcomes are not clear. We want our clients to get real value for money with visible savings delivered straight away. To do this, each package is constructed from eight staged support options around the client’s expectations, and is completely transparent from the start of the process.”

For more information and to see ABEC’s new energy and maintenance packages visit www.abec.co.uk and follow @ABEC_uk or email pradmin@cibcomms.co.uk


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