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Accreditation Schemes represent the only protection in the face of cuts to trading standards

CHSA-Soft-Tissue-MIFM-May2014According to a report* published by the Trading Standards Institute earlier this month trading standards budgets in England and Wales are being slashed by an average of 40%. With the scandal of horsemeat in the food chain still at the forefront of people’s minds and the need to protect consumers from potentially dangerous counterfeit goods, trading standards is unlikely to be tackling the cheats in the cleaning and hygiene industry. Buyers of soft tissue and plastic refuse sacks need to turn to the CHSA Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Schemes to be certain they get what they pay for.

“There is a belief that trading standards is active in policing rogue traders, but with the scale of the budget cuts, now more than ever this is not the case,”

explained Stephen Harrison, Chair of the CHSA.

“Our Accreditation Schemes are now the only guarantee available to buyers of soft tissue products and plastic refuse sacks. Buying fully audited accredited product from CHSA members means they can be certain they are getting what they pay for, away from home paper products that match the stated dimensions and plastic refuse sacks that are fit for purpose.”

CHSA-Plastic-Bags-MIFM-May2014The Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Schemes guarantee three things:

  • Consistency of supply: customers receive what they order;
  • Accurate labelling: customers get what they pay for;
  • Fully audited manufacturers: our standards, your guarantee.

Members of the CHSA’s Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Schemes for soft tissue products and plastic refuse sacks have to pass a detailed audit, conducted by the CHSA’s independent auditor, of products and procedures before being admitted. They are then re-audited at least twice a year to ensure standards are maintained. Any deficiencies are noted and flagged to the manufacturers and the Scheme management panel, appointed by the CHSA Council. The process is tracked using a simple traffic light system and members that do not fully address any issues in the timeframe specified are not allowed to provide product using the Accreditation Scheme Logo and can only reapply for membership after 12 months.




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