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Aermec UK expands service and maintenance division

This year, Aermec Spa are celebrating their 50 years in designing, testing and manufacturing all types of air-conditioning products, at their headquarters in Italy. Aermec are securing their future by making further investment in their UK operation by restructuring and strengthening their service and maintenance division.

Under the guidance of the new service manager Michael March the service and maintenance headquarters has a new location allowing for further expansion. This also enables a larger stock of spare components to be held, available for current as well as older equipment. The administration team ensures that the more unusual component can be obtained from the manufacturing facility and quickly delivered to site minimising delays in operation of the equipment.

The commissioning and servicing of the chillers, heatpumps and other products has been bolstered with a team of dedicated, trained Aermec service engineers with fully equipped vehicles. This has enabled Aermec UK to fulfill their commitments of service contracts with facility companies such as Norland and Spie-Matthew, as well as sites such as Wimbledon and ITV along with many others.

If you would like to have your HVAC equipment checked or would like to discuss service contracts, please contact Michael March or Valerie Lawson.


www.aermec.co.uk   020 3008 5940



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