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Allura – the premium complement to your design concept

Imagine a design concept that breaks new boundaries when it comes to the interpretation of natural materials – a step away from the norm, but one that is still effectively translated into a fully functional decoration. With its in-house design expertise and advances in European manufacturing, Forbo Flooring Systems has artfully transformed this paradox into a highly desirable, yet practical luxury vinyl tile collection offering: Allura Premium.

Forbo-Flooring-2-MIFM-May2014The ultimate complement to a design concept, Allura Premium is a highly considered development of six sophisticated designs drawing upon emerging market trends and specific sector demands. Completely inspired by nature, the expression of materials and the marrying of function and form has produced an altogether original collection, complete with its very own identity.

Dutch Product and Interior Designer Thomas Eurlings, the inspiration behind the Luxury Vinyl Tile range, comments:

“For some time now we have wanted to create a truly black floor almost like burnt wood or charcoal in its nature. Deep black furniture has been very present in contemporary interiors with well-known Dutch designers setting this trend. Due to developments in our manufacturing capabilities with the introduction of a new solid 0.7mm coloured wearlayer, we can now achieve this deep and intense colour in flooring – never seen before.

“Current trends have also seen an increased creative use of laying methods to freestyle floor design and so the small plank in the Solid Wood range was designed to achieve certain visual effects, such as the intriguing herringbone pattern. The Solid Oak planks also have an intense look and feel achieved by the use of a dense wear layer and are enhanced with a deep and pronounced embossed finish. The resultant matt surface reflects the light in a subtle way adding to its allure.

“Gradations – in many forms – is one of the more prevalent interior trends. Inspired by this, we took a sophisticated gradient effect and combined it with classic oak for Forbo’s Shadow design. The result is a surprising gradation that ranges from light to dark over the entire length of each wood plank achieving a very dramatic and atmospheric interior. Due to the wide pattern repeat combined with the large plank size, every plank is different and in-register embossing makes this striking floor come to life like no other.

“Meanwhile the Raw Edge design represents timber in its rawest form, inspired by wood that has been left to dry in a lumberyard. The long edges of each plank have a darker colour as if the wind and rain have weathered the wood. This special plank design combines horizontal and vertical embossing, which reflects the natural grain and the cut of the saw to produce a robust design that depicts the illusion of wear.

“By experimenting with different types of material in our desire to create a visual that was reminiscent of the warm and cool tones of metal, concrete and petrified wood into one, we created an altogether new visual. The Traces of Time design is layered in its appearance but with a subtle metallic undertone.

“Of particular note is the stylish Buffalo design that works particularly well in sizeable areas such as hotel lobbies and large retail stores, where a striking and effective design is required as a backdrop. By enlarging a small source pattern we transformed it into a harmonious and elegant design, complete with vivid pearlescent strokes that provide depth and intrigue.

“Finally, in addition to the most authentic Natural Plywood colours in our Allura range, the Premium collection now features beautiful shades of grey and black. These new colours add an extra layer to the product giving the unassuming design a more luxe look.”

Forbo’s vision of creating better environments is certainly prevalent in the Allura collection. Sustainable as it is stylish, every product in the collection is produced in Europe using 100 per cent electricity from renewable sources, with each component meeting REACH compliance. Allura now contains up to 30 per cent of controlled recycled waste in its backing layer and thanks to the introduction of new technology, such as ultrasonic cutting directly from the roll, Forbo has reduced trim waste to less than 5 per cent – significantly less than traditional press cutting methods.

View the Allura Collection at www.forbo-flooring.co.uk/allurapremium


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