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Anne Lennox-Martin publishes her life in FM

Anne Lennox-Martin, a well-known figure in the facilities management sector, has released her autobiography Self-Made Woman to celebrate her transition into retirement.

The book, which is already receiving praise from both those in the sector and elsewhere, is an extraordinary account of a life of dramatic ups and downs, including incarceration by the Scientologists, a spell living rough in a London park and a hugely successful folk music career, culminating in a kind of redemption in the field of facilities management.

Lennox-Martin has been part of the facilities management story since the early 1980s. In her long career, which started in the late 1960s as a live-in cleaner, she has worked both client and supply side, in both private and public sectors and has managed a diverse range of facilities including laboratories, hospitals, universities, offices, leisure sites, manufacturing plant, retail and media facilities. She was one of the original seven students to achieve the Master’s Degree in Facilities and Environmental Management at University College London and the first (and, for a long time, the only) BIFM Fellow to achieve the BIFM Qual, in 2001. In 2007 Lennox-Martin was voted one of the most influential women in FM according to FM World and in 2013 she was presented with the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management award for Profound Impact on the FM Industry.

Self-Made Woman covers her early years, including her pioneering work with the National Council for the Unmarried Mother and Her Child, now known as Gingerbread, and her move into the then fledgling FM sector. It talks about how she developed her career in FM and how the sector differs from today.

“Anne Lennox Martin is a force of nature and has been an inspiration to so many people in the service industry over the years. Now she will inspire still more with this epic story of an amazing life. Humour, history, anecdotes and insight are all shared here in Anne’s customary entertaining style. I heartily commend this book to young and old.” Martin Pickard, FM Guru

“This is a story of trauma, a story of hard work and hard times. A story of a woman kept in servitude who never gave up on herself or others and who fought every day to become who she is. Above all it’s a story of hope, joy and love, the life story of someone with a huge heart who has never stopped giving back. It’s a celebration of survival, of the facilities management sector and of finding happiness. It’s a joy to read.” Cathy Hayward, Founder and Chairman of Magenta Associates

The book will be available to purchase from Amazon and Apple Books from 7 October. Alternatively, they will be available directly from Lennox-Martin at her launch on 7 October in London. To book your free launch ticket click here.

Last-mile customer engagement isn’t out of reach

“Customer engagement” has become a buzzword in the facilities management sector. Typically, it’s talked about as something radical and transformative – which can make it sound expensive, intimidating and overwhelming.

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Localz has produced a free eBook explaining how you can make the last mile, and the entire day of service, awesome.

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