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Apollo 600 PAT for extended workplace health & safety inspections

Seaward’s latest generation portable appliance tester now incorporates an extended range of data logging features to enable users to more effectively record the results of non-electrical workplace health and safety tests and inspections.

As a result of the upgrade, the Apollo 600 PAT now incorporates a ‘customer inspection’ form for the creation of user-defined checklists for the logging of details for a wide range of workplace health and safety equipment, systems and conditions.

For example, user generated forms can be created for the workplace inspection and testing associated with legionnaires disease, fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, lifting equipment, ladders and other critical safety matters.

This means that equipment data can be collected in the same way that traditional PAT visual inspection information is recorded, enabling all workplace health and safety data to be recorded in the same place, with consistent reporting formats.

The upgraded Apollo 600 also enables barcoding to be used as part of any workplace test and inspection routines, speeding the identification of different items of equipment, streamlining test and inspection processes and ensuring that consistent checks are carried out no matter who carries out the work.

In operational terms, configuration data for different items of equipment can also now be uploaded to the tester to enable bespoke test lists to be used in dropdown menus prompting quicker testing and greater consistency of captured data.

Compatibility with the new data logging features is also incorporated in a new release of the PATGuard 3 results management software, meaning that comprehensive health and safety workplace reports can be generated, with all retests scheduled alongside those electrical items requiring periodic PAT testing.

In this way, for those with a broader responsibility for workplace health and safety management, the upgraded Apollo 600 can be used to provide comprehensive compliance or auditing reports.

In addition, once stored results cannot be edited, with the system providing full traceability and a complete test and inspection history for all equipment assets and appliances utilised in any workplace.

The Apollo 600 multipurpose tester meets the requirements of the latest IET Code of Practice for maintaining the safety of electrical appliances. The hand held instrument incorporates all standard appliance electrical safety tests, alongside the ability to test permanently connected and 3 phase electrical equipment.

The tester also includes an in-built risk assessment tool to determine suggested re-test periods and an integral digital camera to enable images taken during inspection and testing to be tagged in equipment records.

Full details on the complete range of Seaward portable appliance testers, results management software and test accessories are available at www.seaward.co.uk.

For further information email sales@seaward.co.uk or call (0191) 586 3511.


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