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APT supports Aberdeen in providing more sustainable modes of transport

APT Technologies, a leading innovator in the delivery of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, was chosen by Aberdeen City Council to install a range of different EV charging points across the city. These units supported the Council’s aim to reduce air and noise pollution through encouraging the use of more sustainable and quieter transport modes.

Scotland is one of eight places in the UK to benefit from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) funding as part of its “Plugged in Places” scheme. Transport Scotland, the Scottish Government Transport Agency, was responsible for distributing the funds across Scotland and allocated them through Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs), made up of councils and other public sector bodies. Initial funding was allocated to CPP premises, while the subsequent funding was to provide publicly-available charging infrastructure.

Alan Simpson, a planner from Aberdeen City Council, explains that there were strict conditions of Transport Scotland’s grant:

“Not only did the chargers need to be good quality, good value and user-friendly, but of particular importance was the need for them to link up to Transport Scotland’s chosen back office facility and to allow pay as you go transactions to take place without a user having to join a particular network. APT not only met the detailed specifications, but on both occasions they offered the best value for money.”

The first council installation saw eight double 7kW units, two wall-mounted 7kW units and one double mixer post with 7kW and 3kW power supplies installed into local authority premises that would service fleet vehicles and give council employees an incentive to use electric vehicles.

“With more than 9,000 employees working for Aberdeen City Council, many of whom rely on cars for commuting and work purposes, we wanted to lead by example and provide the infrastructure to encourage these journeys to be made by electric vehicles,” says Alan.

The second installation consisted of two double rapid chargers (50kW DC/ 43kW AC), two doublefast chargers (22kW) and three double 7kW chargers. One rapid charger is located in the city centre to cater for the high turnover of vehicles in the area, while the other is between the city and the airport, to accommodate longer-distance travellers and those who make frequent local trips. The remaining units are located in long-stay and short-stay car parks across the city.

“Given that Aberdeen was regarded by Transport Scotland as a strategic hub for charging, it was important that a range of facilities was provided to cater for local and longer-distance travel,” says Alan.

In addition to providing the chargers, the agreement with APT also includes a three-year maintenance package and Alan explains that APT assists the council with prompt, technical support as and when required: “The whole team have been very good at keeping in contact over the lengthy project. Richard Frost, our representative from APT Technologies is always on-hand to give advice and his expertise in helping us to understand how the devices work has been second-to-none.”


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