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Asure Software introduces new digital signage touch panels

Asure-Software-IncLeading provider of workplace management software, Asure Software, today announced the launch of the next generation of touch panels to complement its room booking and scheduling software. The touch panels, interactive digital signage fitted outside a meeting room or collaborative space, enable users to verify the status of each room and make bookings directly on the device.

The touch panels are 8” tablets feature an LED light bar to indicate if the room is available. The intuitive user interface includes multiple display options, including the ability to customise the display with proprietary branding. From a facilities perspective the devices are easy to install and use power over Ethernet. The panels integrate with Asure Software’s scheduling products, Resource Scheduler, Workspace Manager and Meeting Room Manager so any changes in the room availability made from any other device such as a mobile phone or over the web is instantly displayed on the touch panel.

“These next generation panels are all about user convenience and gathering data,” said John Anderson, executive vice president of AsureSpace. “Easily installed, powered, configured and used, they provide state of the art signage with the added benefit of linking to the central scheduling system, as well as recording the latest room utilisation data.”

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