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Atalian Servest launches diversity and inclusion platform

The global service provider has launched CHROMA, its new diversity and inclusion (D&I) platform, which, will be driven by Atalian Servest’s colleagues with the aim of breaking down barriers, facilitating conversations and developing talent.

The platform is made up of three key networks; Physical & Mental Health, Race, Ethnicity & Faith, and LGBTQ+. It was formed to give all colleagues a voice, promote individuality and drive the company’s approach to diversity and inclusion.

At Atalian Servest, CHROMA stands for Creating Harmony, Respecting Others and Making Allies.

Each CHROMA network will be sponsored by the FM company’s UK Board, to ensure board-level visibility and to highlight the importance throughout the business.

The respective sponsors are:

Physical & Mental Health – Daniel Dickson, CEO UK & Ireland, and Tom Evans, Chief Financial Officer.

LGBTQ+ – Kelly Howell, HR Director, and Graham Peel, Managing Director – Integrated Solutions.

Race, Ethnicity & Faith – Laura Ryan, Legal Director, and Matt Chapman, Chief Marketing & Development Officer.

As well as board-level representation, each network will include a chairperson, recruitment, marketing, HR, social, events and communications representatives along with further functional representatives. There will also be intersectionality representatives ensuring the networks work together harmoniously. New roles will be able to be nominated by each network committee, providing inclusive representation.

All Atalian Servest colleagues are invited and encouraged to submit applications for roles within the networks, whether this be for a designated committee role or as a network member. The first meetings will see the members plan their objectives for the next 12 months, detailing what the network would like to achieve and what changes they want to drive. With no closing date for applications, Atalian Servest want to encourage ongoing applications and growth of the networks.

Kelly Howell, HR Director, Atalian Servest said: “Our diverse workforce is something I am incredibly proud of. We recognise that we must actively listen and learn from everyone across our business. We cannot make effective change without fully understanding the backgrounds, experiences and feelings of our colleagues. That’s why we’ve launched CHROMA. We want all colleagues from the frontline to senior management to be part of this transformative platform. We will listen, understand and learn to be able to make the most informed changes to ensure CHROMA and our wider business model fully supports and represents the entire workforce.”

Following the launch of CHROMA Daniel Dickson, CEO UK & Ireland, Atalian Servest commented: “We’re committed to driving diversity and inclusion forwards at Atalian Servest and CHROMA will be instrumental in this. By inviting all colleagues to get involved and to occupy network and committee member positions, it ensures we have representation from all levels in the business. This is crucial to make effective change. CHROMA is just one element of our long-term investment in D&I. By empowering our colleagues, and giving them a voice, I believe they will shape not only their future but, also that of our business and the wider FM industry.”

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