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Axis favours sector approach strategy

30_istock_image_201301Axis Cleaning and Support Services has chosen to take an innovative approach to delivering its services, as it moves away from the ‘traditional’ geographical structure in favour of segmenting its client portfolios by sector and appointing sector leaders to meet the specialist needs of each business.

The key sectors include manufacturing, food, transport, retail and shopping centres, and commercial cleaning. An additional ‘sector’ identified by Axis Cleaning and Support Services is ‘specialist cleaning solutions’. This business unit will span multiple industries but will be responsible for identifying and developing new and specialised cleaning services that go ‘beyond the norm’.

Managing director Stuart Buswell says that by focusing on ‘specialisms’ the company can further strengthen its position within the UK, he said:

“It has long been evident that the traditional model was too rigid and did not support our core strengths.  A sector-based approach using sector directors with dedicated expertise is a strategy that is much better aligned to our capabilities and will ultimately help us to serve our customers better. And this is already being proven. An element of these changes has already allowed us to enter into tenders that we would never have considered six months ago.”

The business is also investing heavily in technology to support the changes and assist the day-to-day running of operations, which is now managed via a central hub from the Axis Group’s new headquarters in London.

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