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Why baby nappy disposal means more than just a bin

If you provide baby changing facilities at your business premises, your waste management strategy must take account of nappy disposal.

Wherever changing facilities are provided, suitable means for disposing of soiled nappies must also be available by law. But your responsibilities do not just stop with a baby nappy bin. There are also strict regulations for how the waste that goes into a nappy bin is handled, removed and further disposed of.

Many different types of business are subject to these rules. For nurseries and daycare centres, nappy disposal is part and parcel of everyday operations. The same applies if your business provides a creche service. Nappy disposal must be treated separately within wider company waste management.

But any commercial premises, whether a shop, restaurant, pub or leisure facility, which provide baby changing as a public convenience must also pay due attention to regulations around nappy waste disposal. Indeed, it is often these types of business, where the focus is not primarily on child care, that can often fall foul of the rules easiest.

Nappy disposal and the law
The most relevant piece of legislation relating to nappy disposal is The Environmental Protection Act 1990. The rules set out on waste management in this Act relate specifically to commercial premises, which is why nappies have to be treated and handled differently by businesses than they are in the home.

The first requirement under the law is that dedicated baby nappy bins must be present wherever changing facilities are provided. It is an offence for used nappies to end up in general waste on commercial premises, and the burden of responsibility for ensuring it does not rests with the landlord and / or occupying tenant. So not only must baby nappy bins be provided, they must be adequately sized, regularly emptied and clearly signposted.

The second requirement is that waste from nappy bins should only be handled by persons licensed to do so. As it counts as sanitary waste and is therefore controlled, all further steps in disposal – removing waste to outside bins, then further taking nappy waste off premises – must only be done by authorised persons.

Outsourcing nappy bin disposal
For busy public premises, these rules create a double burden. Not only must baby nappy bins be emptied and cleaned regularly, they have to be attended by persons licensed to do so. Many cleaning contractors and facilities management service providers will ensure on-site personnel have the right certification to handle nappy bins.

However, that still raises one further issue – taking nappy waste off premises for final disposal. This also must be undertaken by a licensed provider, which means hiring someone else.

Alternatively, you could look for an all-inclusive service which takes care of everything from supplying nappy bins to removing nappy waste off site. As part of its broader portfolio of washroom services, Hygieneco supplies baby nappy bins, arranges regular emptying and cleaning, and collects all waste for safe, eco-friendly disposal off site.

With everything taken care of, you no longer have to worry about staying compliant.

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