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Barbour Podcast: Transforming Health and Safety without falling foul of the Regulator

Health and safety information service provider, Barbour, will be holding a Podcast on 14 June on ‘Transforming Health and Safety without falling foul of the regulator’.

The podcast will take three organisations who are driving new risk management agendas forward and looking at how to navigate their way through these issues, in conversation with a lawyer and a HSE inspector.

Speakers consist of Heather Beach, Founder of The Healthy Working Company, Melvin Sandell, Operational Policy Lead at HSE, Ruth Denyer, Group Head of Health, Safety and Insurance Risk at ITV, Simon Walker, Health & Safety Director at Mount Anvil and Steffan Groch, Head of Regulatory at DWF Solicitors.

The speakers will discuss:

  • Whether the health and safety profession is mired in bureaucracy?
  • Is it possible to move away from an agenda focused on compliance and into one which really supports other business drivers within the current regulatory, supply chain and insurance framework?
  • What stops health and safety professionals from taking risks themselves?
  • The debate will also be opened up to you the listeners to get involved.

Podcast:  Wednesday 14th June | 11:30 – 12.30 (BST) | Register now

Speaker Bios:

Heather Beach
Beach is the founder and Managing Director of The Healthy Work Company. She has been running businesses in the health and safety community for over 20 years. Having started in information services – running the first available health and safety service from HSE on CD-ROM at SilverPlatter, she moved to Barbour and then to Safety and Health Expo, SHP and IOSH conference.

She is a specialist in organisational cultural change. A qualified coach, Beach and her partners and associates are committed to transforming the way in which the health and safety profession is viewed by the general public. The founder of Women in Health and Safety and the Barbour webinar series – which attracts 3000 attendees a month, Heather continues to partner with UBM to deliver these.

Steffan Groch
Groch is partner and head of regulatory at DWF LLP, and has been qualified as a solicitor since July 1995. He has advised companies, directors and managers in a variety of health, safety and environment prosecutions brought by the Crown, the Health and Safety Executive, local authorities and the Environment Agency. In conjunction with his team he advises proactively on health and safety systems and procedures with a particular emphasis on crisis management, corporate manslaughter and corporate governance. With the help of his team they have advised in countless headline HSE defence cases. He is also chair of the Health & Safety Lawyers’ Association, a body that contributed to the House of Commons Justice Select Committee on the new sentencing guidelines.

Melvin Sandall
Sandell joined HSE in 2000 and worked as an operational inspector on food, entertainment, agriculture and general groups in England and Scotland.

Since 2009 he has been HSE’s operational policy lead for fairgrounds, theme parks, film, TV, broadcast, theatre and numerous other leisure activities. He is the author of all of HSE’s guidance in these areas and is heavily involved in providing guidance and operational advice to both professional colleagues and the leaders of the industries he is involved with.

He is leaving HSE for pastures new in September 2017.

Simon Walker
Throughout Walker’s 15 year safety career he has been an integral part of successful projects that have achieved proven health and safety results, from business with 3 years without a RIDDOR Injury across all projects to accolades such as Multiple Swords and Globes of Honour. Walker has always been ahead of the curve, acknowledging that the evolution of an ever changing industry is creating new and more challenging risks to individuals and organisations, His approach is to think differently in order to act differently, questioning conventional practices and thinking, using a combination of cutting edge behavioural techniques, nudge theory and modern technology engaging with every level of the business to achieve a truly positive and sustainable Health and Safety culture.

Walker has always had an extensive interest and hands-on involvement with industry training and education. From the very start of his career he recognised the need to change the outdated and largely ineffective clipboard mentality to that of a coach where behaviour and education rather than merely enforcement. Looking at all elements of how safety is run on sites, their education (not just the statutory courses like SMSTS) their hazard perception and behavioural ability, the hazard reporting software, the use of modern technology. Mount Anvil Centre of Excellence is the training arm of the Mount Anvil business, from conception to current day ensuring the standard of the training provided was industry leading. Walker ensured this by in many cases rewriting course material to be relevant and to meet the needs of the industry as well as the individual.

Ruth Denyer
Denyer completed her first degree on Occupational Health and Safety and graduated in 1997 with a BSc and very little practical experience. She has worked in H&S ever since. Her first role as a Health and Safety Advisor at the National Theatre was an education in the reality of health and safety as a role rather than an academic study!

She has spent the last 13 years at ITV working tirelessly to make sure support is given to the business she works with her truly supportive team who make all that they do achievable. In the last few years the role has grown from pure Health and Safety to a broader operational risk role specifically covering Insurance, Child Protection and Occupational Health.

Denyer is really interested in how risk is managed in ways that are not process and control based and how perceptions of risks differ even within an organisation. ITV is a creative place where every day is different and involves working with a huge number of stakeholders, and at ITV a culture has been created where the team are constantly questioning what they do and what is required of others in the name of ‘Health and Safety’, it’s an interesting question to pose and often leads you down the proverbial rabbit warren.


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