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Bartlett Mitchell announces record sustainability scores

Independent catering firm, 
Bartlett Mitchell,  has retained its three-star Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) – achieving record scores for the business in several key areas.

The company, which was the first caterer to achieve three-star success in 2014, was commended for its commitment to preserving and valuing natural resources, support for the community, treating staff fairly and supporting global farmers.

In the last year, Bartlett Mitchell’s efforts to reduce its energy consumption per square foot of head office space through smart purchasing of energy saving equipment, such as new low energy lighting systems and energy economic printers, saw the business secure a 93 per cent score for valuing natural resources (SRA average: 47 per cent).

The company’s community support, both locally and further afield, achieved a score of 95 per cent (SRA average: 89 per cent). In the past year, Bartlett Mitchell teams have continued their ongoing support of the Jannehkunda village in the Gambia by sponsoring education and fundraising to buy a milling machine, and raised more than £15,000 for charities such as Macmillan and Little Troopers.

Bartlett Mitchell’s commitment to ensuring 100 per cent of its direct employees are paid at least the London Living Wage or National Living Wage alongside its healthcare coverage for every permanent member of staff contributed to the company’s 92 per cent score for fair treatment of staff scored (SRA average: 79 per cent).

Bartlett Mitchell’s 90 per cent mark for its support of global farmers (SRA average: 79 per cent) was driven by its premium and sustainable coffee brand Perkee. A collaboration with Soppexcca, a Nicaraguan-based cooperative, the coffee was launched with the aim of providing Bartlett Mitchell customers with a unique, ethical and tasty coffee.

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