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Be secure in your confidential waste bins

Securing Confidential Waste

Compliance with the Data Protection Act has been made a little easier by the introduction of Envirobin lockable, confidential waste bins from Leafield Environmental.

Since the 1998 Data Protection Act came into force, there has been much debate about the disposal of confidential information. Important bank details and personal contact details have been found carelessly and illegally dumped in ordinary bins. The solution to the proper management and disposal of sensitive confidential details is simple – use a lockable bin and employ a trusted waste management company to destroy this information.

Under the Act, businesses must have a ‘data control policy’ to ensure that secure methods are used to prevent the unlawful disclosure or accidental loss of personal data and Leafield’s Envirobin range of confidential waste bins can play a vital role within this policy.

Leafield’s confidential bins range covers sizes from 55 to 140 litres to accommodate all business environments. The stylish bins are manufactured from tough, resilient MDPE and come with lockable lids to ensure sensitive documents remain confidential

“In today’s environment of identity theft and fraud, it is crucial for all concerned, that confidential details are treated carefully and disposed of in a responsible manner,” said Phil Maddox, Managing Director at Leafield Environmental. “Our range of confidential bins should be the first step for any business wanting to achieve Data Protection Act compliance.”

Leafield Environmental also works with a number of waste management companies, operating to BS15713:2009, to remove and destroy confidential material securely.


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