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Benders increases capacity for its super insulated cups

benders mifm sept 13Leading paper cup company, Benders Paper Cups is relaunching its Super Insulated hot cups having recently increased manufacturing capacity to meet growing demand. The Cantare stock design is part of the UK manufacturer’s unique insulated hot cup selection, produced using materials and technology that deliver top of the range performance. It has been designed to provide the best experience for today’s discerning coffee drinker.

With a high quality print finish in matt and glossand contemporary design options, the cup is designed to combine operational benefits with superior insulation performance, stronger walls and a sturdy, premium feel. The patented manufacturing process, which is exclusive to Benders in Europe, means that the cup retains its rigidity with no crushing of the air gap between the inner cup and the smooth printed exterior surface. With great fitting lids, the cups also boasts a lower stack height to alternative insulated cups –taking up 33% less space, which is ideal where storage space is at a premium.

Marketing manager for Benders, Adrian Pratt identifies why the Super Insulated hot cup, which is unique to Benders, has become the company’s showcase product: “The technically advanced construction process that we have adopted produces a multi-layered cup that offers the best protection to both the consumer and the operator. Independent research has been conducted to test this and the results concluded that the Cantare Super Insulated hot cup can be held comfortably for over three minutes without the need to put it down.

“It’s not all practicalities, though. The cup feels the best and, basically, it looks the best which reflects the product’s superior quality and high design. We’re seeing sales continue to rise and have increased our manufacturing capacity accordingly.”

The new manufacturing capacity, which was commissioned last month, consolidates Benders’ position as part of the biggest European cup manufacturing group. With further plans for capacity increase later this year, the company has big plans for its manufacturing output in 2014.

Celebrating a 30-year history of UK cup manufacturing, the company finalised a programme of £2 million inward investment earlier this year following its purchase by leading cup manufacturers, Flo, Nupik and Dopla in 2012. As the paper cup manufacturing arm of the largest cup group in Europe, Benders range includes super insulated hot cups, barrier insulated hot cups, bio-board, single wall vending cups and single wall ‘coffee to go’ cups.

For further information on Benders and its products, log on to www.benders.co.uk or call 01978 855661







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