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Bennett Hay shines with two star sustainability rating


Bennett Hay has received Two Stars in its first Food Made Good Rating by the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA).

Food-Made-Good-1 The SRA is an organisation whose membership represents a broad spectrum of the hospitality industry, all members of which are united in their commitment to sustainability. The Food Made Good Sustainability Rating provides members with recognition for their sustainability, as well as a tool to engage staff, suppliers and inform customers. The SRA awards One, Two or Three Food Made Good Stars against 14 key sustainability criteria, divided across the three pillars of Sourcing, Society & Environment.

Bennett Hay scored an impressive 94 per cent in its commitment to Society. ‘Treating People Fairly’ was the bespoke hospitality provider’s highest scoring sustainability area, with a score of 100 per cent. ‘Community Engagement’ followed close behind at 99 per cent, as did ‘Healthy Eating’ at 93 per cent.

Bennett Hay has been commended for treating all colleagues fairly. In addition, the organisation’s work with the community, including their apprenticeship programme received praise, as did its commitment to sharing the business’ goodwill, time and expertise to make a positive difference in the community.

Bennett Hay also successfully demonstrated that various healthy eating initiatives, such as signposting healthier and reduced fat options on the menu, have ensured that customers are assisted further in making better choices. What’s more, the assessment reflects that the menu options on offer are well balanced, with reasonable portion sizes and the option for customers to request healthy cooking methods.

Environment was the second highest scoring pillar, with an overall mark of 78 per cent. ‘Water Saving’ scored a remarkable 100 per cent, demonstrating Bennett Hay’s aptitude for using water wisely and monitoring water consumption to meet the highest possible standards of efficiency. Workplace resources scored 77 per cent which reflects a commitment to improving energy efficiency across all areas to save resources, protect the environment and cuts costs.

Bennett Hay has also been commended for working with suppliers on efficient delivery systems in order to reduce the carbon footprint and minimise negative environmental and social impacts.

Mark Linehan, managing director of the SRA, commented:

“Demand for greater sustainability from caterers to clients, the people who eat their food and the clients who award contracts, has never been greater. The best caterers, like Bennett Hay, have gone so much further than just meeting the minimum requirements of their clients, making a real commitment to build genuine sustainability and high ethical standards into their DNA.”



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