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Beware refills from alternative suppliers

CHSADispensing systems are the ideal solution for many facilities managers, minimising mess and often making best use of available space. Once the system is installed, however, many turn to an alternative supplier for the toilet tissue and hand towel refills and often suffer the consequences warns the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA).

“Manufacturers and suppliers claim their alternative is exactly the same as the product from the system manufacturer but our audits have found it’s common for the alternative to be significantly shorter and often narrower,” explained Graham Fletcher, secretary of the CHSA. “The products provided by the manufacturers of the systems themselves are often tightly wound onto the roll to offer a high capacity solution. Copying these products can be very difficult making differences relatively common. Furthermore by winding the product more loosely, unscrupulous alternative suppliers can significantly reduce the amount of product.

“Alternative suppliers may provide a cost effective option for refills, but our advice is to check the length is as indicated on the packaging or to look for our Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Scheme logo so you can be sure you are getting what you are paying for.”

The Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Schemes guarantee three essential things:

  • Consistency of supply: customers receive what they order;
  • Accurate labelling: customers get what they pay for;
  • Fully audited manufacturers: our standard, your guarantee.





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