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BIFM publishes guidance for FM professionals on customer experience

BIFM Fire Safety LawThe British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) has published a new Good Practice Guide on Customer Experience which takes takes a holistic look at the entirety of the interactions and experiences that a customer encounters, from beginning to end.

“Customer service references are often based around singular interactions and service delivery” says BIFM , adding whilst “this is incredibly important, it is only one qualifiable entity along the whole customer journey”.

BIFM has therefore put together a guide concerned with every aspect; everyone and everything a client may encounter; every individual conversation and interaction, the comfort and ambience of the environment they are in, the attention to detail, the ease of equipment, processes and communication.  In essence, the guide covers how the entirety of their navigation from start to finish makes the customer feel, and what to do to improve the impression that they take away from their experience.

BIFM added: “There are a whole host of materials available to businesses to try and make their stakeholder’s experience as positive as it can be, and with such a subjective concern, it’s naturally impossible to identify a single ‘right’ way. This guide aims to bring some of the plethora of advice that is out there together into one useful guide, whilst also finding ways to utilise that advice to map and analyse an existing customer experience and then build on it to make improvements.”

This latest guidance adds to BIFM’s already extensive suite of useful resources for FM professionals at any stage in their career, and is available to download at www.bifm.org.uk/Customer_Experience_GPG .

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