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BIM:SAM – A Revolutionary Way To Optimise And Future-Proof Your Buildings In A Digital Age


Strategic asset management within the BIM environment; bringing all the information you need into one building model.

EVORA EDGE, the technical engineering division of leading independent sustainability consultancy EVORA, has recently launched BIM:SAM, a new approach to building performance optimisation.

BIM:SAM, standing for Building Information Modelling for Strategic Asset Management, has been devised to support the delivery of the many technical engineering solutions that EVORA EDGE provides its clients.

Neil Dady, EVORA EDGE Director, says of the service: “BIM:SAM is nothing mysterious or untested. It’s our way of delivering a connected, intelligent approach to designing, maintaining, monitoring and reporting asset performance within the Commercial Real Estate sector.”

BIM:SAM – a ‘one stop shop’ for managing real estate challenges

EVORA has created a methodology for combining BIM technologies with SAM processes into a ‘one stop shop’ solution that informs the building management process, resulting in a useful transferable asset – the building information model.

The schematic below demonstrates how, acting as a technical manager, we use BIM:SAM to manage commercial real estate and developments.

As you can see, the BIM can be created for a number of solutions, such as a high-level MEES risk assessment, a Health and Well Being study, or as part of a building services design project.

Whatever the requirement, the same BIM can be used as a ‘digital passport’ for your building, recording data and information of the building and its services – one model, multiple functionalities.

Merging real intelligence and innovation with strategic asset management.

The typical M&E/FM service model below illustrates how the M&E consultant’s role can be restricted to periodic checking and/or specific project involvement:

Conversely, our BIM:SAM model below illustrates how EVORA EDGE, as a Technical Manager, continuously interacts with the Property Manager by using a dynamic building information model.

This BIM can be integrated with our SIERA software to create a powerful monitoring and targeting (M&T) toolset.

Within our model and our SIERA platform, we collate the information required such as energy usage, CO2 emissions (embodied and operational), asset condition reporting, maintenance scheduling and life expectancy reporting.

Outputs that are easily integrated and simple to understand.

EVORA EDGE is experienced in using BIM processes to manage MEES risks, engineering and energy efficiency, resource efficiency and capital cost planning.
Our systems follow the recommendations in the RICS New Rules of Measurement (NRM) Order of cost estimating and cost planning for capital building works. This ensures that any outputs can be easily understood and integrated into capital cost planning and asset management by non-engineering professionals.

BIM:SAM in action.

1. Guildford Borough Council
We have already used our BIM:SAM approach to undertake an exciting project for Guildford Borough Council, supporting it with its CO2 reduction strategy. Read this Guildford case study on our website: www.evoraglobal.com

We have been appointed by our client EPIC Property Asset Management Ltd (EPAM) to conduct a BIM:SAM project at 120 Old Broad Street – a 49,000sqft multi-let office building. We look forward to sharing the results of this work at X Energy 2017 on 24th October in London, at which we are the Building Optimisation Partner.

The benefits of our BIM:SAM approach:

• Managed by technical M&E specialists
• Centralised data collation, consistent processes and simplified reporting structures
• BIM ‘Digital Passport’
• Data quality and performance modelling
• Conditioned-based monitoring and intelligent PPMP
• Performance Management – energy and productivity
• Future-proofing of assets
• Health and Wellbeing planning
• Improved fund performance

To learn more about EVORA, BIM:SAM, and our SIERA software, please visit www.evoraglobal.com.

To get in touch, please send an email to info@evoraglobal.com or call us on 020 3326 7333.


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