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Boiler installer at Samsian Ltd recommends Fernox

Danny Tickner, Founder of Samsian Ltd, regularly uses Fernox’s extensive range of products, including Fernox Scale Reducer, to achieve high quality results. For Danny, delivering reliable and trusted products is crucial to ensuring customers receive long-lasting protection for their central heating systems.

As a Gas Safe registered plumbing and heating engineer, Danny had over 25 years’ experience in the industry before going on to found Samsian Ltd eight years ago. Based in Borough Green, Kent, the company’s remit covers central heating and gas boiler service and diagnostics, installation, maintenance and repairs for both residential and commercial properties.

After using a range of scale reducers throughout his time in the industry, Danny switched to the Fernox Scale Reducer in 2017. It is easily connected onto 15mm or 22mm pipework and can last for up to 10 years – requiring no further maintenance. Since the switch, Danny has experienced no issues and fits Fernox Scale Reducers on nearly every project – encouraging its use as part of best practice.

In addition, when it comes to using chemical water treatments to prolong the life and improve the efficiency of central heating systems, Danny utilises Fernox Cleaner F3 and Protector F1. To eliminate debris and sludge, remove acidic chemicals from the system and reduce damage to the expansion vessels, he power flushes the system using Fernox Cleaner F3. As a non-foaming formulation, it is easier and faster to remove from the system than other cleaners on the market – saving Danny valuable time on-site.

Danny then doses the system with Fernox Protector F1 to protect it from any future corrosion. He recommends this as the best way to ensure the system will not require premature replacement. Together, the products help to restore system efficiency and ensure that when Danny leaves the site, the system is fully protected until the next service.

“Having worked in the industry for over three decades, I see first-hand the main issues that cause customers concern,” commented Danny. “Everyone wants a competitive price as well as great efficiency, but it is important to make sure the customer is benefitting from the most robust, reliable and trustworthy products. 

“At Samsian, we prioritise professionalism, quality and care, and Fernox’s extensive portfolio of products allows me to deliver this to every customer. As a well-known and trusted brand, I am confident when recommending the use of any of its products to my customers. I switched to Fernox Scale Reducer because I was looking for a robust alternative to older plastic versions and it has lived up to expectations; I now fit it onto almost every job where it’s needed and have experienced no issues.” 

For more information on the extensive range of Fernox products, please visit www.fernox.com or follow @fernox on Twitter.

For further information on Samsian Ltd, please visit http://www.samsian.co.uk/


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