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BoilerMag breaks new ground with BM3 cleaner

Eclipse Magnetics, the manufacturer of the leading system filter BoilerMag, has announced a major new development for heating system treatment with the news that its BM3 heating system cleaner formula has been upgraded to include a trace indicator ingredient.

This is great news for heating system service engineers and installers who previously had no means of testing either pre-flush dosage levels or post flush cleaner fluid remnants left in a system.

To accompany the high performance BM3 formula, the BoilerMag range now includes packs of BM3 test strips. When dipped into a system water sample the strip will change colour, and the colour indicates dosage levels. If the process is repeated after flushing it will indicate if the system has been correctly flushed.

The new ultra-improved formula has also delivered some market leading results in key performance criteria, achieving outstanding results in dispersing limescale and iron oxide.

The cleaning process is a vital step in optimising heating system performance. Usually undertaken pre-flush, it disperses limescale deposits on older systems, whilst loosening and removing flux residues and ferrous oxides.
Getting the dosage right is absolutely vital. BM3 is a concentrated solution – a single 500ml bottle will treat a 100 litre system.

Testing for cleaner remnants is a major breakthrough as this is a clear indicator whether or not a system has been flushed correctly. Cleaner remnants indicate that debris remains in the system and the advice is to repeat flushing until “Total Dissolved Solids” of the mains and system water are within 10% of each other.

“This is a major breakthrough in heating system cleaning,” says Steve McAllorum, sales & marketing director at Eclipse Magnetics. “The new BM3 formula adds significant additional weight to decision making when selecting a cleaner product that really delivers. It enhances our BoilerMag treatment range which includes the popular high performance Build Cert approved BM1 Inhibitor product which protects heating systems from further debris problems. These treatment products have been designed to work perfectly with the BoilerMag system filter, giving total protection to heating systems here in the UK.”

For effective treatment, the BM3 heating system cleaner can used in conjunction with the BM1 central heating system inhibitor and the BoilerMag magnetic filter.

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