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BoilerMag industrial filter protects Yorkshire Museum’s brand new heating system

The Yorkshire Museum is the latest high profile building to protect its heating system with a 4” BoilerMag XT Industrial boiler filter. The work was carried out by Selby based Frogmech Ltd, who were faced with the task of stripping out the entirety of the existing boiler plant room and pipework, and replacing everything with a new system.

Lawrence Walsh, Managing Director at Frogmech Ltd said: “Every commercial heating system should have a BoilerMag XT fitted. We’ve tried various brands over the years, but we find the BoilerMag easy to fit and service, well built, and by far the best value for money. We hold our relationship with the museum in extremely high regard; they trust in our expertise and workmanship, and therefore chose a product we can be sure will deliver.

“We install BoilerMag XTs because once fitted, they continuously remove magnetic debris, and continue to do so over the lifespan of the heating system. We use them to protect boilers, pumps and plate heat exchangers while also constantly improving system efficiencies and flow rates.”

Frogmech Ltd replaced the existing boilers with high efficiency Hoval Ultragas condensing boilers including new flues, as well separating the existing tank feed heating system from the new boilers with a plate heat exchanger to stop the old system contaminating the new boiler plant. New Grundfos pump sets were installed to separate the museum into heating zones, enabling each zone to be controlled through individual heating setpoints. In addition, a new control panel and software was installed to create a fully weather compensating, gas proving system with internet access.

The new heating system also received full system treatment and dosing using the BoilerMag Inhibitor and Cleaning chemicals alongside the BoilerMag XT installation, as well as a strainer, de-aerator and chemical dosing pot. With all this in place, debris and air will be continuously removed from the existing system, protecting the heating pipework and components, and allowing Frogmech Ltd to treat and dose the system in the future. The whole project was completed both on time, and on budget, with minimal disruption to the museum.

Lawrence continues: “When servicing a BoilerMag, we always remove large amounts of debris, and we often collect this as evidence to show our clients. They’re always shocked at the amount we can remove from their existing heating systems; it’s great to be able to back up and justifying why they have paid the extra money to install them.”

Over the past few years, Frogmech Ltd have conducted many different phases of work to gradually improve and upgrade the extremely dated heating system within the museum. Located in York, the museum has five permanent collections covering biology, geology, archaeology, numismatics and astronomy. Vast collections of ancient and priceless objects are stored and displayed in sensitive areas, meaning that all the work carried out by Frogmech Ltd needed to be carefully planned and managed to ensure minimum disruption to any collections and the public.

As a modern, skilled and highly professional company, Frogmech Ltd aims to produce the best boiler and boiler plant installations. The company prides itself on only installing quality products in order to back up its unrivalled guarantee periods. Once the job is complete, Frogmech Ltd is committed to service and aftercare.

For more information visit www.boilermag.com, email service@boilermag.com or call 0114 225 0624.

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