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Borri launches new UPS solution

Following over three years of rigorous research and development leading Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) specialists, Borri Ltd, has unveiled the world’s most efficient UPS system – The Primacy.

Designed exclusively by Borri S.p.A, the new best in class, transformer free 60 – 100kVA UPS units achieve the highest overall efficiency levels available on the market, up to 99.5 percent! Whilst still providing ultimate power protection and user flexibility.

This revolutionary, high efficiency UPS retains the same precision engineering and multifunctional properties expected of Borri equipment such as IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) technology and multi-level protection, but now features advanced intelligence technology, allowing it to choose the most efficient operating mode based on the quality of the mains supply and load conditions.

The cutting-edge UPS unit innovatively combines three sophisticated operating modes of protection, which include Ultra High Efficiency (UHE), Active Filtering and Green Conversion.

Unlike other high efficiency UPS systems, The Primacy gives the user total control, enabling them to configure the functioning parameters and supply tolerance levels for the UPS to best suit its operational environment.

When the quality of the mains is within the considerations of the pre-determined mains supply boundaries specified by the user, the UPS will operate in Ultra High Efficiency (UHE) mode, where the UPS can achieve record breaking efficiency levels.

Specifically developed to ensure a reliable and efficient direct line energy flow, the UHE mode allows the UPS to run without the need to activate the forced ventilation system of the unit, which means it can operate in complete silence and offer low stress levels on components that are subject to wear and tear such as fans and capacitors.

Providing a unique, and additional layer of power protection, is Borri’s Green Conversion mode, this has been designed to ensure maximum control and separation between the supply line and the load, where power is entirely supplied by the inverter.

In Green Conversion operation The Primacy benefits from all the functional characteristics of online double conversion mode (VFI), whilst being completed isolated from the mains voltage. As a result, the unit protects the load from any input faults, enabling it to deliver a perfect sinusoidal and conditioned power output. While this is the unit’s least efficient mode, users can still benefit from an efficiency of 96 percent even at part load.

To safeguard against any disruptions to the mains, load harmonic distortion, reactive power and fluctuations in input supply voltages, Borri’s new transformer free UPS solution comes with an intelligent intermediate filtering mode, which offers a third layer power protection and reacts directly to any power input disturbances.

The sophisticated configuration of The Primacy system means that it can achieve up to 98 percent efficiency in Active Filter mode.

Supported by new IGBT technology, the active filtering function is managed by an inverter with integrated PWM (pulse width modulation) control at high frequency, which is based on a DSP (digital signal processor). This advanced modulation system and transformer free technology guarantees a highly efficient power conversion.

As the power supply returns within the minimum functioning parameters set by the user, the inverter will instruct the UPS to revert back to UHE mode from both the Green and Active Filter modes.

This transformer free UPS solution is the first of its kind which can run silently in offline mode with the inverter in hot standby ready to take the load within 10mS whilst achieving pioneering operational efficiency levels of 99.5 percent and unity output power factor.

For more information on Borri’s latest UPS solution and the company’s other products and services or to arrange a free site survey please visit www.borri.co.uk or call 0800 136 993.


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