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Revolutionary system for archive management of your enterprise records launched

Box-it, the nationwide document management business, announces an exciting new addition to its award-winning Cloud based Omnidox family. The launch of Omnidox Records Manager provides the ultimate system for compliance and good practice in archive management underpinned by taxonomy designed to simplify the management of paper records stored across one or many sites.

The much anticipated Omnidox Records Manager provides a secure web based platform for archive management and control of paper records with efficient search, retrieval and archive classification capabilities. User-friendly and cost-effective (starting at zero cost) Omnidox Records Manager enables organisations to create and maintain simple taxonomy rules for every type of document ensuring compliance to statutory and internal file-plan standards. It provides a single unified view of boxes/files irrespective of whether they are stored with Box-it, with the client or anywhere else.

Omnidox Records Manager enables authorised users to review, manage or retrieve all archived records regardless of location. For example, a box or file status shows its whereabouts, and regardless of where it is stored a simple click activates a retrieval request. Powerful MI and comprehensive activity reporting, is enhanced with prompts for scheduled actions such as record retention reviews or destruction requests. The whole archive is backed by comprehensive background rules that reside at category or even box / file level

The use of customised dropdown menus constrains how information is input to ensure conformity and minimise data entry effort. The customer configurable fields also allow for the efficient search of records, files and boxes. Documents can, if required, be retrieved either physically or by Scan-on-Demand.

User levels can be defined by clients so that all, or a restricted number, of fields are displayed, depending on the tier of user authorisation. The client administrator is responsible for setting up their own users’ access rights, reporting capability and data presentation. Users create a new record (box (and) or file) for which Box-it generates a barcoded label. This is stuck to the record ready for collection. All records are then fully tracked and linked to Box-it’s comprehensive Warehouse Management system.

Omnidox Records Manager allows the import of external data so that boxes and files stored at alternative locations can be added simply. Containers can be requested from any storage location and Omnidox Records Manager will automatically issue the instructions to the appropriate site for retrieval and delivery. Clients can also request other archive related services, as well as order consumables such as flat pack boxes or shredding sacks.

Simon Ellis, Managing Director of Box-it UK comments, “One of our biggest challenges is ensuring archive data is consistent and fit for purpose. Departmental based archives are often disparate with inconsistent data and little or no application of retention rules. Omnidox Records Manager removes the inconsistencies, ensures continuity no matter how many staff come and go, and preserves user capability regardless of storage location. Previously disparate file plans can be now be consolidated into one cohesive fully-compliant management system for all round archiving best practice and efficiencies.”

For further information, please call Box-it UK Ltd. Telephone: 01962 830 200 or email sales@boxit.co.uk or www.boxit.co.uk


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