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Britons working 45 days of overtime per year

According to research conducted by TotallyMoney.com worker in the UK do around 45 days worth of overtime every year, but less than a third of of the workforce are actually paid for this work. This equates to the average employee working for free from the 14th of September until the end of the year.

The “overtime” can be made up of a few minutes at the end of the day, working through lunch or evening networking events. But over the course of the year those minutes add up.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the public sector, where professions such as doctors and teachers tend to be on call more often those in the private sector. The survey found that healthcare professionals are working a whole month’s worth of unpaid overtime a year; and teachers are doing 54 days free work per year, with 86.1 per cent of them unpaid for their extra efforts.
Women also get a worse deal than men, regardless of job or sector. According to the research women put in, on average, an extra 8.2 hours per week at their jobs, compared with 6.4 extra hours from men, equating to 47 free days of work per year, compared to 37 days from men.
In terms of location people in the capital work far more overtime than anyone else in the country: Londoners do an extra 8.9 hours a week, while those in the West Midlands and the Northwest do the least, at 8.1 extra hours a week

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