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Bromley turns up the funds for May Gurney’s £21m street lighting contract

Bromley High Street artistic CC credit Mark Burstow

Bromley High Street artistic CC credit Mark Burstow

Bromley Council has announced a new £8.5 million investment in new state of the art street lighting as part of a new ten year street lighting contract, worth up to £21 million to the council’s existing street lighting contractor, May Gurney (Cartledge) Ltd.

In the new contract, due to commence in April, about half of the borough’s street lamps or around 12,000 street lamps will be replaced with LED energy efficient lighting, with the replacement works estimated to take two years. The works improvements will also include installing 8000 new street lamp columns, replacing the oldest 50 year old lamp columns in the borough.

Councillor Colin Smith, Executive Councillor for Environment, explained:

“Rarely are there win win situations for council taxpayers these days but this is one of them. Bromley is known for its careful judicious use of financial resources and this project will result in substantial savings and bring about desperately needed new infrastructure at the same time. The sound financial position we have brought about allows these types of investments to be made and further improves the position for everyone.”

In recent years, approximately 500 street lighting columns have been replaced each year but in spite of this programme, the replacement ages are in excess of 55 years and significantly exceed design life. The risk of structural failure has become greater over time and the new installation programme will reduce the risk. The new energy efficient LED lamps are guaranteed for 20 years and will reduce the amount of maintenance that is required.

Graham Cartledge, managing director for May Gurney’s specialist street lighting business, Cartledge, said:

“This is a significant contract award for us and we are pleased that the Council recognised our expertise in this area. The technology behind the installation makes a compelling investment case. The new units will even tell the council when they go wrong and allow for even quicker repairs and all the lamps can be controlled remotely, without the need for onsite manual adjustment. So, there will be maintenance savings as well as energy cost savings for the client.”

The new LED lamps will be 50% more efficient than existing bulbs which will mean savings in the £1.3 million spent on electricity for the 27,000 street lights last financial year.



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