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Businesses advised to check fall protection systems

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has announced that it will be implementing a cost recovery scheme, known as Fee for Intervention (FFI) from 1st October (subject to Parliamentary approval), which is designed to recover costs from businesses found to be breaking health and safety laws.

Fall protection specialist Eurosafe Solutions is warning businesses to ensure that their roof access systems are being properly and regularly tested and inspected, in order to minimise the risks of incurring extensive HSE charges.

John Boyle, Director of Eurosafe Solutions, said: “This is another good reason why businesses should place their testing and inspection for fall protection systems with a specialist provider. The new rules will mean that any businesses found to be in breach of health and safety laws will have to cover the HSE’s costs incurred in investigating and enforcing the legislation. The cost of an investigation can quickly multiply and even a minor breach of the regulations could cost thousands of pounds.”

He adds: “Businesses that take their safety access systems seriously will not be affected, so we are advising building owners and property managers to reduce their risks by ensuring they have effective arrangements in place for their safety access and fall protection systems. A planned programme of testing and inspection means building owners and facilities managers don’t need to worry about arranging tests and re-tests as we take care of the whole thing.”

Eurosafe Solutions, which has 20 years’ experience in fall protection testing and inspection for buildings across the UK and Europe, carries out an individual load testing on each element of the fall protection system, providing building owners with a more accurate assessment of the safety of their systems and will identify if any maintenance or replacement work needs to be done.

The company also carries out regular checks on Personal Protective Equipment to ensure it has not become obsolete and is fully compliant with the regulations.

Eurosafe Solutions has built its reputation by going beyond the ‘sample’ testing approach by physically testing every system to apply a specified load for a number of minutes to each end component for every system. This is part of providing total confidence to customers and a greater degree of safety for those working at heights. Following the inspection, Eurosafe Solutions produces a detailed report as to its inspector’s findings and provides up to date system certification.

Eurosafe Solutions has over 20 years experience in the installation, testing, inspection and monitoring of fall protection systems. The company has amongst its customers some of the UK’s iconic buildings, including the O2 Arena, The Millennium Stadium, Manchester Evening News Arena, Gatwick and Heathrow Airports and the Emirates Stadium. The company also provides testing and inspection services to schools, commercial and residential buildings and shopping centres across the country.

For more information, contact Eurosafe Solutions Ltd on 0870 777 6940 or visit the website www.eurosafesolutions.com. More information



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