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Businesses at risk if fall protection testing not up to date

Too many businesses are being put at risk by not having their roof systems on their buildings tested and inspected regularly, reports Eurosafe Solutions, fall protection systems specialist.

John Boyle, director of Eurosafe Solutions, said: “Some businesses still don’t realise how much of a risk they are takin g by not keeping their fall protection systems fully tested and up to date with inspections. Different fall protection systems have different requirements and frequencies for their testing and inspection, and failure to keep these up to date can mean huge risks to employees and contractors accessing the roof. The best approach is to use a planned approach to maintenance as with other building services – it’s equally as important and could save someone’s life.”

Eurosafe Solutions, which has 20 years’ experience in fall protection testing and inspection for buildings, carries out an individual load testing on each element of the fall protection system providing building owners with a more accurate assessment of the safety of their systems and will identify if any maintenance or replacement work needs to be done.

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