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Bywaters supports facilities managers by motivating staff to recycle

– Facilities Show stand Q1160

Bywaters, the company operating London’s largest under cover materials recycling facility will be exhibiting at the 2017 Facilities show at Excel in London on 20-22 June. Members of the Bywaters team will demonstrate their ‘Green Guru’ educational service to promote recycling and reuse and demonstrating an innovative new waste audit app that delivers same-day reports. Other cutting-edge recycling and waste management solutions and expert knowledge of the waste and recycling industry will be shared with visitors to Bywaters’ stand at Q1160.

Responsibility for recycling and waste in multi-tenanted buildings can mean FM’s managing multiple suppliers, each with different measurement standards, which makes performance benchmarking almost impossible. Bywaters helps its clients, particularly in multi-tenanted buildings, by placing its “Green Gurus” (environmental experts) on client sites to educate, inspire, monitor and implement waste reduction programmes for banking, hotel, hospital, government and corporate clients, embedding best practice behaviour amongst staff.

Using just one waste management company to handle waste for a multi-tenanted building means one point of contact, one central report and one supplier to manage. Environmental performance can be tracked and evaluated in a more standardised, quicker and easier way.

Promoting best practice in sustainability, persuading staff to think and behave in a more environmentally-friendly way can be supported by Bywaters’ Green Gurus ongoing education and communication programmes to reinforce key messages. Waste tracking and weighing systems can monitor and measure waste production and contamination with pin point accuracy using a combination of managed services with integrated Green Gurus, ‘bag and tag’ systems, branding and signage, bar coding, compactors and containers as well as legislative guidance and consultation.

Bywaters’ Green Gurus can intervene where necessary and improve recycling rates if they fall below target in any particular department or area of a building. An advanced weigh-bridge system is also being developed which will act as a complete auditing tool, giving precise real-time data on waste activity so FM’s can measure their impact, cost and compliance.

Sam Fairservice, Commercial Manager at Bywaters said: “Our specially-trained teams of ”Green Gurus” are embedded on client sites to help our clients and their staff to adopt new practices in sustainability, recycling and waste management. Education is a big part of what we do and the level of training Bywaters has provided for Guys’ and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust is now seen as the benchmark for environmental education within the NHS – to the extent that Bywaters has been shortlisted for a prestigious NHS Sustainability Award.”

Facilities Managers can see for themselves how waste audits can be carried out accurately in the morning and final recommendations delivered later that same day using Bywaters new and innovative mobile app.

For further information please visit http://www.bywaters.co.uk/, email info@bywaters.co.uk or call 020 7001 6000.


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