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Carbon8 Lighting delivers high efficiency LED lighting for Cooper Tire & Rubber

Cost reduction specialist BIS Group has supplied a range of high efficiency LED luminaires from Carbon8lighting for use in a warehouse and for exterior lighting at Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Europe’s 33 acre site in Wiltshire.

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company is a leading global manufacturer of vehicle tyres and has a strong commitment to minimising its environmental impact by improving energy efficiency and through other initiatives.

At the site in Melksham, the company decided to upgrade existing discharge lighting to more efficient LED lighting to both reduce energy consumption and cost of ownership. Working closely with BIS, Carbon8lighting carried out a site survey and designed a lighting installation that combines optimum energy efficiency with a fast return on investment.

In the warehouse 30 high-performance 200W LED floodlights have been installed, each fitted with occupancy sensors so that areas are only lit at full light output when they are occupied. A key requirement of this phase of the project was that products should be well lit at all heights of racking. This has been achieved by fitting the floodlights with 30 x 30 lenses and mounting them on specially designed brackets to ensure the correct beam angles.

In external areas 30W and 100W LED floodlights have replaced older 70W and 400W HID & SON-T fittings respectively, to deliver a saving in lighting energy consumption of over 630,000 kWh for exterior lighting, saving around £44,000 per annum.

For more information visit www.carbon8lighting.co.uk, email sales@carbon8lighting.co.uk or call 01256 300031.


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