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Cardiff switches on to innovative energy and carbon measurement platform

38_light_bulb_201303Cardiff Council is the first local authority in UK to adopt an innovative initiative to give open access to its real-time energy and carbon data for staff and the public to work together to reduce its energy and carbon use.

Working with CarbonCulture, the council has deployed an interactive platform to monitor energy and carbon use.

Cardiff Council consists of 75 councillors, 29 electoral wards and occupies over 300 buildings.  Cardiff today is a three planet city: meaning if everyone in the world consumed natural resources and generated carbon dioxide at the rate Cardiff does, we would need three planets to support us. The council’s aspiration therefore is for Cardiff to be a one planet city by 2050.

The initiative will prove a valuable management tool for the council’s operational teams as they monitor their energy use across council buildings as they work to reduce costs.

The platform also provides the ability to feedback in and out of the workplace on how ideas are progressing as well as being a place for the stories on the measures developed that are delivering real savings in its energy consumption as well as plans for the future to be collated.

There will also be potential to include energy generation data from renewable schemes.

Cabinet member for environment, Cllr Ashley Govier, said: ‘The online platform is easy to understand and provides simple visibility of where we could reduce energy use and costs.’

Cardiff is the latest member of the CarbonCulture community, joining leaders like No 10 Downing Street, UCL Energy Institute, DECC and Defra.

Luke Nicholson, director of CarbonCulture, said: ‘Opening up data about public buildings to the people who use them will help people – from school children to library users – to integrate sustainability in their daily lives, as well as releasing massive new cost savings for the public purse.’



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