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Carillion unveils EcoPod Technology Centre plans

Carillion has announced plans to open a new technology centre in the summer to showcase its EcoPod energy system which combines a wide range of technologies such as highly efficient cascade boilers, biomass, ground source, gas absorption heat pump units and thermal solar.

Following the acquisition of EcoPod at the end of last year, leading support services, Carillion, is continuing to invest in the development of the communal energy system that is already reducing energy costs and cutting carbon emissions in more than 40 high rise buildings across the UK.

photo-EcoPod-Dynamic-EarthThe EcoPod Technology Centre (ETC), will provide a base for development and demonstration of the smart energy technology system which uses a mix of renewable and carbon energy sources with a state of the art building automation system to significantly reduce costs and improve energy efficiency in a range of buildings including apartment blocks, hotels, schools, hospitals and office blocks.

Carillion is seeking to base its research and development activity for EcoPod in South Yorkshire and the ETC will feature test rigs of the next generation of EcoPods, providing a hub of innovation and research into sustainable and smart building technologies. With plans to introduce a range of innovative developments and launch EcoPod to the European, Asian and North American markets; the centre will emulate seasonal weather and energy demands of these locations to test energy systems under development.

Phil Shepley, managing director of engineering at Carillion Services commented:

“We will be working with a leading accreditation authority to ensure the performance of existing and test installations are ahead of the market and the centre will also support the creation of new jobs in research and development, renewable energy systems and building automation”.

The EcoPod Technology Centre will incorporate a robust training facility as well as provide a demonstration base so that installers, potential clients and partners can see how the system works, as well as the technology, processes and innovations behind it.

The centre will also monitor and centrally track the performance of current and future EcoPod installations to enable further improvements and enhancements to current and existing customers.

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