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Caring for the car workers

Flexigrid safety matting, manufactured by Plastic Extruders, is helping the UK car industry with its resurgence over the last year. With nearly half a million cars built in the first four months of this year, production is being increased and some plants are now operating 24 hours a day seven days a week. All this activity means that safety underfoot is increasingly critical.

Flexigrid is specially designed for harsh environments to provide safety underfoot and to particularly minimise the risk of slipping and tripping. The matting has a deeply etched wearing surface which is rated a high R11 slip resistance. Not only is it resistant to dirt, grease, grime and production waste but its open grid allows spillages such as oils, liquids and swarf to fall through, making them less hazardous for workers.

Flexigrid is an environmentally friendly product made from 100% post-industrial recycled PVC material which in turn is recyclable at the end of its life. Thanks to its flexible construction, the matting will contour over rough or uneven surfaces and is easily cut and shaped to fit around machines and equipment.

The black matting is produced in rolls 5 and 10m long, 60 and 91cm wide and in modules of various sizes. Optional aluminium chamfered edges can also be ordered. Information and samples are available from Plastic Extruders Ltd (tel 01268 571116) or visit www.flexigrid.com.


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