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Casper Cloaking: the new way to stop internal data breaches

One third (34%) of data breaches involve internal employees . However, ground-breaking glass technology can prevent leaks of sensitive commercial information, while maintaining a professional office interior, according to window security specialist Protective Film Solutions.

Modern office space is often open plan, with glass walls to give the illusion of space and an all-inclusive environment. However, this is problematic when sensitive financial, technical or legal information is presented to senior staff or board members. While frosted or coated glass blocks the view of specific meeting rooms, digital screens featuring sensitive data can often still be visible.

The answer lies in new Casper Cloaking Technology by Designtex, which provides digital screens with an innovative smart shield film without obscuring the glass. Already used by large American corporations, this state-of-the-art technology obscures the light transmitted by digital screens to outside view, meaning only those in the room can see the content on display.

Designed to work with most LED and OLED displays, Casper Cloaking Technology by Designtex selectively filters specific light oscillations to make the display appear as a black screen to outside viewers.

Chris Gould, Commercial Director at Protective Films Solutions, the exclusive distributor of Casper Cloaking Technology for EMEA, says: “Casper allows senior teams to discuss and display confidential information without causing suspicion among staff through inconvenient alternatives such as off-site meetings or covered up boardrooms.

“And, as co-working spaces become increasingly popular, the open visibility of screen technology including TVs, computers and laptops, is an important factor to consider. Casper is the only solution that means offices can keep their open-plan look and feel without compromising security.”

For more information visit www.caspercloaking.eu


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